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Sponsor Spotlight with Sean Donahue

Where did you come from and what brought you to Delray Beach? 

Originally from Northern Virginia, I originally moved to Boca Raton in 1989.  Delray began to draw me closer in 1992 after meeting my wife, Michelle.  Michelle grew up in Delray well before it was the Delray of today and always spoke about what a great childhood she had here. Together, we came back to the community in the early 90s. Our favorite event was the St Patrick’s day parade. We would enter a float in the parade to raise awareness of a 501(c) 3 that we, together with our close friends would use to raise funds for The Haven and Horses and the Handicap in the early to mid ‘90s.  While we do not live in the city of Delray today, we call it home due to the large and amazing circle of good friends we have been fortunate to meet here.  Our children, like Michelle, attended St Vincent’s School when they were younger.  Fr. Skehan and Sister Mary Claire were great influencers in our daughters’ lives and grown into beautiful young women due to their time there.  I moved my office to downtown in 2010 and, along with Michelle, became more involved with this great community and its people who also call it home.

What inspired you to be in the Mortgage Banking business?  

I fell into the industry when I moved to Boca Raton in 1989.  While the industry has changed dramatically over the years with the implementation of heavy government regulation and oversight, the overall reward of helping thousands of families here achieve their dream of home ownership has never waned.  I get great satisfaction watching new homeowners receive the keys to their new home.  Some first time buyers, others I have worked with and watched them grow from their fixer-upper first home, to their new beautiful home on the intracoastal.  Being involve in assisting people meet their financial goals of homeownership is very rewarding to me.

What’s your take on the changes happening in our Village by the Sea?  

Change is good. Delray’s growth has put it on the national map as a favored destination for northerners who return year after year. The annual visitors recognize Delray as we locals do.  A very unique and special place with a great community vibe. It seems like suddenly, everyone wants to be here.

Why did you want to become part of the Delray Beach Historical Society? 

I believe a town needs to always hold on to its roots.  To me Delray is not a city….it’s a town.  That town identification is what keeps Delray unique.  Residents take pride in sustainable and measured growth in the town.  That said, it is critical to be able to understand the past; just like your family tree, there will always be a curiosity in future generations to gain insight into where the town began and understand how far it has come. We owe that to those who come after us. The exhibits at DBHS are always so informative and well put together.  They always leave the visitors with more than they expected.  After having a few events at the exhibits, I enjoy listening to visitors say “WOW!  I never knew or realized that about Delray”.  I would encourage anyone to take a time out to visit and take in the fascinating exhibits.

What’s the latest news from Supreme Lending? 

For five years, we’ve been running an internal program at Supreme called Personal & Professional BEST where each of our associates creates goals for the most important areas of our lives; fitness, family, faith, and finances. We’re now extending that program to our real estate partners helping them to also formulate plans to become the best versions of themselves. We’re all participating in livestreams together with great special guests to inspire us on the journey and keeping us accountable to our personal plans. I’ve made a lot of progress on my personal goals and it is a genuine honor to extend this program to my real estate partners for whom I care very deeply.

To learn more about Supreme Lending, call Sean at 954 415-2007  or